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Welcome to HandMedia, the home of tablet rental for the experiential and field marketing industries within the UK. We supply tablet rental services to more agencies and brands than anyone else, with our specialised mobile data capture and tablet rental being used on more campaigns than any of our competitors.

Here at HandMedia we boast a wealth of experience and expertise within the experiential marketing industry, with our system being developed specifically to meet the needs of this industry, giving us a distinct edge over many of the alternative tablet rental solution providers in the UK. This, along with our ability to provide hardware and software support in-house, without delay, makes us the first choice tablet rental provide for many agencies and brands alike.

Why use HandMedia as your tablet rental provider?

The data capture and tablet rental solutions that we provide have been specifically build to meet the needs and requirements of the field marketing industry, rather than being born from an already existing modified system, making them far more robust and tailored to this industry than any alternative tablet rental provider.

As well as this, we also boast a full technical support team in-house who are capable at dealing with both hardware and software issues as and when they arise, without any delay. What this means for you when using us as your tablet rental provider is that you will not experience the downtime you may do with other suppliers, ensuring that the tablets you hire, whether these be android-based or iPad hire, from us are up and running for as long as they need to be, without any issues which could impede on the success of your campaigns.

Is there a maximum time I can rent tablets from you for?

Our tablets can be rented for as long as you need, with there being no maximum length of time that you can rent tablets from us. In addition to this, you will also benefit from full access to our technical support teams, ensuring you get all the help you need to keep your campaigns up and running despite any technical issues which may arise, something that not all of our competitors can boast.

As well as this support, we also work to keep your campaign up and running by providing you with replacement tablets within 24 hours should one of the rented tablets brake down, giving you ease of mind that this element of your campaigns will run without a hitch.

Interested in finding out more about tablet rental from HandMedia?

Then pick up the phone and give us a call, where one of our tablet hire representatives will be on-hand to assist with your questions and in giving you a quotation for your next campaign or activity. You can also contact us by email or through the contact form provided onsite should you prefer, details of which can be found on the contact section of our site.

Should you wish to contact us for any other reason, perhaps to provide your comments and feedback on our service, please feel free to contact us in the same way. We always welcome any feedback and will do our best to take your comments onboard to better our service.

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