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Hello and welcome to HandMedia, the UK’s leading provider of iPad rental and tablet hire solutions. We specialise in providing table hire and data capture software solutions to the experiential marketing industry, working to simplified and increase the ease at which data can be capture and reported on during field marketing campaigns.

Here at HandMedia, we’ve worked with more of the UK’s biggest and best brands than anybody else, providing them with reliable, cost-effective tablet hire and data capture software solutions. This first-hand experience of working with big brands to provide our services gives us a distinct edge over our competitors, as we are capable of not only providing you with tablet hire, but also at providing an additional range of services relating specifically to the experiential marketing industry.

Why choose HandMedia for your tablet hire?

HandMedia was born out of need, and as a result of our already extensive knowledge and experience within the world of experiential marketing. What this means is that unlike many of our competitors, the solutions and software we provide has been made especially for its purpose, rather than being a pre-existing platform that has been modified to best meet this need. This makes our platform far more robust than those offered from other tablet hire agencies, giving you more control over your data capture activities and post-campaign reporting.

In addition to our experience, and unlike many of our competitors, we also do everything from development, to tech support, and everything in-between, in-house, through our team of experience Android app developers, meaning that should a problem arise with any of the tablets you have hired from us during your campaign these will be fully addressed quicker than with anyone else, ensuring that any technical issue has no bearing on the outcome of your campaigns, giving you one less thing to worry with us.

What is the maximum length of time that I can hire tablets from HandMedia?

With us your tablet hire can last for as long as you need, with there being no limit on the length of time that you hire tablets for. As well as there being no restrictions on this, you will also benefit from our technical support, both for hardware and software issue, for the full duration of your tablet hire with us, assuring that your hired tablets are working as they should from start to finish, without any issue or downtime.

In addition to this support, and should the tablets you hire from us cease to function for whatever reason, you can simply give us a call and we will get out a replacement tablet device to be with you the very next day.

Want to find out more about tablet hire from HandMedia?

If you’re interesting in finding out more about our tablet hire services, as well as to get a tablet hire quotation for your next campaign then please get in touch where one of our experience hire specialists will be on-hand to assist. You can get in contact with us in numerous ways, by phone, email or using the form we have provided on site.

If you would like to contact us for any other reason, to give us comments, feedback or suggestions on how we can improve out tablet hire services then please feel free to contact us in the same way. We also welcome any feedback and will do our utmost to improve our service where possible.

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