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Are you looking for a tablet data collection solution provider for your upcoming experiential and marketing activity? Then you’ve come to the right place, with HandMedia working with more agencies than other to provide them with tablet data collection and hire services. As a result of this past experience, we have been able to further develop our tablet data collection software and solutions to better meet the need of the experiential marketing sector, making our service far more robust and tailored to your requirement.

In addition to this, our data capture platforms are also real-time, providing reporting and campaign metrics throughout the duration of the activity, rather than retrospectively after activity has come to an end, giving you far more flexibility and control over your campaigns with us than with any other tablet data collection specialist.

Why do I need tablet data collection for my campaigns?

Tablet data collection is the newest addition to the field marketeers arsenal, providing them a level of insight into their campaigns that was previously not possible. This insight can prove invaluable to brands whilst they are becoming more wary of their spending and more interested in full accountability from all elements of their marketing. Our tablet data collection can do just this, giving your campaigns full transparency, making experiential a far more appealing proposition in these times of austerity.

Why use HandMedia for your tablet data collection requirement?

There are many alternative providers for tablet data collection, however, most of these provide best-fit solutions, based on off-the-shelf data collection packages which were never designed for their intended application. We work very differently, having built our mobile data capture platform from the ground up with the experiential marketing industry in mind, giving us a clear and distinct advantage over our competitors systems which are nowhere near as robust as ours.

Furthermore, the same in-house team through which we offer our technical support are the very same team who designed and built our tablet data collection platform, making everything a lot simpler with us than with an alternative solution provider.

Interested and want to find out more?

Then get in touch today, where one of our advisors will be on-hand to assist you with your requirement. You can reach them in a number of ways, by phone, email or using the form provided on-site. Once we receive your contact one of our team will be in touch immediately, offering all of the information you’ll need to get started with tablet data collecting from us.

If you would like to contact us for any other reasons, perhaps to share your comments and feedback about our site, or indeed any other aspect of our service, please feel free to do so in the same way. We appreciate and value all comments, and will do what we can to better our service as and where possible.

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