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Welcome to HandMedia, the UK’s specialist PDA hire company for the experiential and field marketing industries. We work to provide a range of solutions, including PDA hire, as well as data capture and other software solutions, to the experiential marketing industry, providing bespoke, tailored, multi-purpose application and reporting solutions to help agencies and brands get the most out of their activities within the field. Our specialist PDA hire has been used by more brands, on more experiential campaigns, than any other PDA hire company in the UK, giving us a level of expertise in PDA hire and data capture software solutions than any of our competitors.

Along with this, and unlike many of our competitors, we are able to provide full technical support, for both hardware and software, from our in-house team of PDA hire specialists, ensuring that any technical difficulties you may experience when using HandMedia for your PDA hire requirement are address as quickly as possible without delay or incident, ensuring that the devices you hire from us are up and running for as long as the campaign itself.

Why use HandMedia as your PDA hire solutions provider?

HandMedia are the UK’s leading provider of PDA hire solutions and software for the experiential marketing industry, and as such, have more first-hand experience of the needs and requirements of brands and agencies engaged in such marketing activities. This gives us a distinct edge over many of our competitors, making it easier for us to provide you with software solutions which increase the efficiency of your campaigns and the ease at which you are able to report of this activity.

In addition to this experience, we also provide full hardware and software support through our dedicated, in-house support team, giving you the assistance you need when you need it, ensuring that the PDAs you hire from us work as they should for as long as needed without any downtime due to technical difficulty.

How long can I hire PDAs from HandMedia for?

With us there are no restrictions on how long you can hire PDAs from us, with it being possible to rent devices from us for as long as needed, whether your campaign lasts a day, week, month or year. As well as there being no limit on the length of time you can hire PDA devices from us, you will also benefit from the full technical support we offer, giving you all the help you need to keep the PDAs that you hire from us up and running for the duration of your campaigns.

Interested in PDA hire from HandMedia and want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about our PDA hire solutions and how you can go about obtaining a quote for your next campaign or activity then simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Once through, you will be connected to one of our PDA hire specialists who will be able to give you all the information, guidance and advice you’ll need to start utilising PDA hire solutions and software in your future campaigns. Alternatively, and should you prefer, you can also contact us by email, or via the contact form provided onsite.

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