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If you’ve come to our site in search for mobile data capture software and devices then you’re in luck, as here at Hand Media we supply more agencies and brands with mobile data capture solutions for their experiential and event marketing campaigns than anyone else. This experience, coupled together with the unique nature of our specially developed mobile data capture platform, gives our solutions a distinct edge over that of our competitors, giving you that all important ease of mind that your campaign reporting and data capture is in experienced, capable hands.

With us there are no limitations, and as such, our data capture software can be tailored to your precise need by our Android app developers, giving you the depth of reporting you require without having to compromise, all in real-time, accessible from anywhere across the globe.

Do I need mobile data capture from Hand Media for my campaigns?

Experiential campaigns require significant investment to get off the ground, with numerous materials, samples, staff and other outlays, all working to drive up this cost. As a result, and in these austerity times, it has become increasingly important in recent years to identify and highlight the effect and value of this activity through more effective, robust reporting. Our mobile data capture software does just this, reporting on your activity in real-time, allowing you to review and assess an activities performance even whilst it is still live. This increased transparency gives you a heightened ability to make adjustments to your campaigns should they fail to yield the level of expected results, making it far easier to ensure that your marketing activity is a success.

Our mobile data capture software can be tailored to your specific need, allowing us to report on any aspect or metric of your campaign, making our mobile data capture solutions far more intuitive than alternative platforms offered elsewhere.

Why use Hand Media as your mobile data capture solution?

What makes our mobile data capture solutions different to those offered elsewhere is that they have been developed out of need, specifically for their application, and not merely being a platform that has been adjusted or modified to be more appropriate for mobile data capture out in the field, making our mobile data capture a much better fit than any other platform presently out there. Furthermore, our mobile data capture can be tailored and customised however you like, whatever your need, our data capture system can be adjusted to perfectly fit the bill, allowing you to focus on your campaign, rather than how you will get around potential pitfalls and obstacles of an alternative, inadequate mobile data capture software.

Want to find out more about Hand Media’s mobile data capture solutions?

If you’d like to know more about our mobile data capture, how it works, and who’s used it, then simply pick up the phone and give one of our experienced customer representatives a call today. These representatives will be able to advise you on every aspect of our system, its implementation and how best to utilise it as part of your experiential campaigns. Additionally, you may also contact us by email or by using the form provided within the contact section of our site.

Should you wish to contact us about anything else, perhaps some general feedback on our product, site, or indeed any other aspect of our service, please feel free to do so using the same contact details.

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