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If you’re looking for an agency to deliver intuitive, ground-breaking market research solutions across a multitude of platforms and devices from mobile to home computers, and everything in-between, then you have come to the right place. Hand Media are the UK’s leading market research solutions provider and other data capture software, working closely with numerous national and internationally recognised brands on a variety of experiential, event and promotional marketing campaigns, help to increase the transparency and reporting to allow them to better review campaign performance. This increased ability to review results in real-time with our market research solutions will make you and your brand more responsive to the needs and wants of consumers, as and when they are given, making it easier to streamline your offering and marketing efforts to be far more reactionary to these wants, rather than having to wait for results, drawing conclusions retrospectively, instead of when they would be of most use.

Here at Hand Media, we offer fully tailored, bespoke market research solutions, for all manner of campaign and activity. In addition, we also offer rental and hire on hand held devices and PDA with which your market research campaigns, allowing you to benefit from our market research solutions without having to invest in costly devices yourself all at highly competitive rental rates.

What market research solutions do my campaigns need?

Today we live in a world that is increasingly different from the world of old, with technology now inexistence that can significantly increase the ability to effectively report on your experiential, event marketing or other real-world activities with our market research solutions, giving you a degree of real-time reporting and campaign transparency that has previously been unseen elsewhere. This increased depth to the reporting and quantifying of campaign results in real-time gives a new level of insight that is unparalleled, allowing activities to be tweak, reworked or entirely re-imagined, on the spot, whilst the activity is still live, allowing you to yield better results immediately, without having to learn from mistakes, you are able to avoid them entirely, giving you greater flexibility with our market research solutions than with any other reporting system out there.

The benefits that our market research solutions bring are obvious, with increased transparency, accountability and real-time assessment of live marketing activity, all working to make your campaigns more cost-effective and successful, leading to better performance across the board.

Why choose Hand Media for your market research solutions?

Hand Media was established in response to a need for, and lack of suitable alternatives to, better, real-time reporting, giving experiential marketeers a level of flexibility and transparency in their activity that they previously could only have dreamed of. Through these highly intuitive, bespoke market research solutions, you will finally be able to realise the true potential of your campaigns, by making the interaction you have with prospective consumers far more engaging and insightful, with results given in real-time, allowing you to rework and tweak live activity as appropriate in order to achieve success.

It is precisely the nature of our market research solutions, and that they have been specifically developed for this purpose, rather than being a modified pre-existing system for an entirely different purpose, which gives our market research solutions a distinct and irrefutable edge over the systems offered by our competitors.

Want to find out more about our market research solutions from Hand Media?

If you’re interested in learning more about the market research and android app development solutions we offer here at Hand Media then simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Here you will be able to talk to one of our campaign reporting specialists who will give you all of the information and guidance you’ll need to start implementing our industry leading market research solutions into your experiential campaigns. Alternatively, you can also contact us for more information using the contact details or form provided on our website.

If you wish to contact us for any other reasons then please feel free to do so in the same way as we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our bespoke market research solutions.

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