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If you’re looking for a provider of handheld data capture solutions for your or your client’s experiential marketing campaigns then you’ve come to the right place, as here at Hand Media we’re the UK’s number one provider of handheld data capture software and devices for the experiential marketing sector. Our handheld data capture platform has been used by numerous agencies and brands, both at home and abroad, on a wide array of experiential campaigns, and has been used to better the performance of these campaigns through the real-time reporting functionality of our system, giving you far more insight, transparency and accountability on your experiential activity.

As our handheld data capture solutions have been designed for this specific application they are far more intuitive, robust and suited for this use than any alternative data capture platform offered elsewhere, giving you more control over your campaigns, reporting and campaign metrics.

Do I need handheld data capture from Hand Media for my campaigns?

Experiential marketing activity can be rather costly, with the number of costs extending to staff, campaign materials, site fees, and numerous other, all working to drive up this cost, which, in these times of austerity, has made reporting on this activity evermore crucial element of these campaigns. Here at Hand Media we recognise this, and as such, offers some of the more comprehensive reporting tools of any handheld data capture platform currently available, making it far easier for you to report on your campaigns, in real-time, from anywhere across the world. This gives you a level of control and power over your campaigns that previously was not possible, providing you with those all-important metrics on which you can determine whether or not a campaign is performing as it should, giving you the flexibility to modify, tweak or refine your activity whilst it is on-going, rather than retrospectively assessing the performance of what might not always be successful campaigns.

It is precisely this ability to review campaign performance in real-time that you will fast find to be an indispensable part of your experiential campaigns, and, as many of the brands that have used our handheld data capture have, continue to implement it on future activity and campaigns.

Why choose Hand Media as your handheld data capture solution?

There are numerous handheld data capture solutions presently available on the market, however, unlike these, our handheld data capture platform has been specifically designed and developed to be used out in the field, as part of event and experiential marketing campaigns, rather than being a clumsy, modified platform riddled with limitations. This fact, that our mobile data capture software has been designed especially for experiential activity, makes it a far more powerful tool, giving you far more freedom over the types of data we collection, how we collate these into reports, how these reports are formatted, and indeed pretty much any other aspect you can think of, which can all be tailored and customised to better meet your requirement by our in-house team of Android app developers.

Need more information on the handheld data capture solutions that we offer?

Then simply pick up the phone and give us a call, where you will then be able to speak directly with one of our handheld data capture software specialists who will be able to provide you with all the information you’ll need on our system, its implementation, and indeed any other aspect of our service. Alternatively, and should you prefer, you can also request more information on our handheld data capture solutions by email, or using the contact form provided on our website.

If you’d like to contact us for some other reason, perhaps to share your feedback or indeed anything else, please feel free to contact us in the same way, by phone, email or using the contact form onsite. We look forward to and welcome your comments, and will do our best to respond to them as quickly as possible.

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