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If you have come to our site as part of your search for data capture systems and software then you have come to the right place, with Hand Media offering some of the most robust and intuitive data capture system solutions found anywhere within the UK. Our data capture systems are different from others, having been designed and developed specifically to compliment experiential marketing and event activity, making it far easier to collate, rationalise and report on metrics, both post and during a campaign. It is this ability, to report of activity whilst it is still on-going, that separates our data capture systems from the rest of the pack, giving you real insight into how a campaign is going, as it’s going, giving you greater ability to rework and tweak campaigns to ensure they are as effective as possible.

Whatever your requirement, we can tailor our data capture system around these, giving you the level of reporting you want, rather than an inadequate level of report that is available. To find our more continue to read, or alternatively, pick up a phone and give one of our data capture system specialists a call today.

Do my campaigns need a data capture system from Hand Media?

Our data capture software is the perfect complement to your experiential or event marketing campaigns, making the collection, collating and quantifying of the mass of data captured during your activity far easier than ever before. Meaning that you no longer have to suffer the often painstaking task of doing this yourself, instead, generating campaign reports at the click of a button, all in real-time, without any delay. This ability, to report on activity in real-time, as and when it happens, gives you an unprecedented level of control and flexibility with your campaigns, allowing you to refine, tweak or rework live activity as and when it fails to yield the expected results.

Why use data capture systems from Hand Media?

What sets Hand Media apart from other handheld data capture system providers is that our system has been developed specifically for use within the experiential and event marketing fields, making it far more intuitive, robust and suited to the task for which it is being used. This differs from alternative data capture systems out there, with most of these being modified from their original use, which are often inadequate for the task. In addition to this, our data capture system, unlike many alternatives, can be tailored and customised to your precise specification and need, giving you far more freedom in your reporting with us than with any other data capture systems provider.

So, and to answer the question, if you are looking for a way to increase the transparency, accountability and the level of depth in your reporting, then our data capture systems are for the best solution for you.

Want more information relating to data capture software from Hand Media?

If you like what you see and are interested in learning more about the data capture systems and Android app development offered by Hand Media then give us a call. Once through, you will be connected to one of our data capture system support specialists, who will be able to provide you with all the information you need with respect of our system, its implementation and any other bespoke requirements you may have. You can also contact us by email or using the form provided on site, where, upon our receipt of your request for information, one of our representatives will call you back to discuss

your data capture software requirement with you.

Additionally, we welcome all comments and feedback you may have about our site, service, or indeed anything else, so please feel free to send this using the same details provided on our contact page and we will do our best to respond to this as quickly as we can.

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