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If you, or your clients, are looking for a supplier of data capture software for your experiential or event marketing activity then you have come to the right place, with Hand Media being the only UK-based company to provide such a system which has been specifically developed for this application. Our data capture software has been utilised by brands across the globe as part of their experiential marketing activity to provide greater insight, transparency and real-time reporting on campaign performance, giving greater freedom and flexibility to marketeers than previously available. This increased insight, along with the ability to effectively review campaign performance whilst an activity is still live, makes it far easier for marketeers to keep these in check, to budget and to rework where appropriate if an activity fails to perform as expected, making it far easier to make and keep your campaign a successful.

At Hand Media our data capture software is entirely bespoke, tailored to your need, and as such, is far more intuitive as a platform than many of the other, modified-use platforms available from our competitors. This makes our data capture software far more effective for your need, as this is specifically what it has been designed to address, making our data capture software far more useful than any other currently available.

Why do my campaigns need data capture software from Hand Media?

If you are running experiential campaigns and activities which involve data capture then our software is for you, as it offers a level of reporting that simply isn’t available elsewhere. This reporting, which utilises advancements in technology to enable transparent, real-time reporting, gives you the ability to review and adjust activity in real time, allowing you a greater level of control from our data capture software solutions than with alternative solutions. This ability to report on campaigns in real-time is essential from a strategy stand-point, for both agency and client alike, allowing increased ability to tweak or drastically change various elements of a live activity as and when necessary, something which previously was not possible.

With this enhanced ability to monitor live campaigns you’ll soon find that our data capture software solutions are absolutely vital to your future activity, providing a level of insight that is simply unparalleled elsewhere.

Why choose data capture software solutions from Hand Media?

Here at Hand Media the data capture software, as well as our wider market research solutions we have developed are different from others currently available, as they have been designed and developed specifically for their application within an experiential or event marketing setting. As such, you will find that our data capture software is far more robust and intuitive than others, rather than being a clumsy, modified-use platform, which fails to meet your need or expectation. With our system, we are able to tailor it specifically to this need, whatever that may be, providing you with a far more tailored solution to your data capture software requirement, rather than having to make do with one that wasn’t designed for this purpose.

It is exactly this that differentiates our data capture software platform from alternative suppliers, giving you that all important edge over your competitors when reporting on activity to your clients or marketing director.

Want to find out more about data capture software from Hand Media?

Interested in our data capture software or Android app development services and want to find out more about the platform itself, its capabilities and how it can be implemented within your own campaigns? Then pick up a phone and give us a call today, where you will be able to speak in greater depth about these, as well as any other questions you may have, with one of our experienced data capture software representatives. Alternatively, and should you prefer, you can also contact us by email or via the contact form provided on our site.

You can use the details provided to contact us both for information about our data capture software and indeed to pass on your feedback with respect to any aspect of our service. We look forward to and welcome your comments and will do our best to respond to them as quickly as possible.

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