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Hello and welcome to HandMedia, the UK’s leading provider of Android tablet rental and data capture solutions for the marketing industry. Our Android tablets and data collection solutions have been utilised on more campaigns for more brands than anyone else, and have fast become the solution of choice in the world of experiential and field marketing.

Unlike other Android tablet rental providers, we have a wealth of experience working within the experiential marketing sector, which makes us the best equipped agency with which to entrust your data collection and capture requirement within the field. This experience gives us far more flexibility in our delivery of your Android tablet requirement, as we better understand the wants and needs of brands and agencies like yourselves who engage in this activity, making it easier for us to cater for these.

Why choose us as your Android tablet data capture solution?

Our android tablet data capture solutions are amongst the best within the UK, and the reason for this is that they have been born out of need, developed specifically for the purpose of being used by the field marketing industry. This fact, that our platform has been tailored to this need, rather than a clumsy “off the shelf” solution which has been modified as a best-fit solutions, makes our data capture solutions far more robust, giving you more control over every aspect of your campaign, from capture to reporting, and all in real-time.

In addition to the nature of our system, we also have a full team of developers and technical support specialists, giving you a better, immediate support service as and when you need it, ensuring that you never experience any down time or issue with our system whilst your campaigns are active. This support is provided as part of our Android tablet rental as standard, without any additional premium to you should you require our help at an stage of your activity.

How long can I rent Android tablets from you for?

With us there is no limit on how long you can hire Android tablets from us, allowing you to rent and keep our Android tablets for as long as you need. As well as this, should the length of your campaign increase after you’ve already rented Android tablets from us, simply let us know, and we can extent your rental term so that you are never without the Android tablets you need whilst your activity is still ongoing.

Want to find out more about our tablet rental solutions?

If you’d like to know more about our Android rental services, as well as our system and to get a quote for your next activity please get in touch. You can do so by phone, email or using the form provided on site. Once we hear from you, one of our highly experienced Android tablet rental specialists will be in touch to give you all the information you need about us and our solutions.

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