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Are you interested in Android rental and mobile data capture solutions for your business and its marketing activity? Then we can help, as here at HandMedia we offer a wide range of data collection and Android tablet rental solutions to suit any need or requirement.

The Android rental and data capture software solutions we offered have been used by more multinational brands than any other, and as such, our system has been put to test on more campaigns than any other. This experience has enabled us to better our Android data capture software, resulting in a platform that is more robust and intuitive than that of any alternative supplier.

Why choose HandMedia for your Android rental?

Here at HandMedia we boast more experience at delivering mobile data capture and Android rental to the experiential marketing industry than anyone else, with our platforms and devices being used by some of the biggest and best national and international brands around. This experience has given us a much greater first-hand knowledge of the precise needs and wants of big brands engaging in this sort of marketing activity, allowing us to better work our data capture solutions to meet this, resulting in our system being far more robust and intuitive than that or any other Android rental solution provider.

How long are we able to hire Android devices from you?

With us, you can get Android rental from us for as long as you need, whether your campaigns last a week, month or even a year. In addition to this, you can also easily extend your Android rental should your campaign overrun with a simple call, allowing you to get on with your activities without delay, giving you far more flexibility with us than with any other Android data capture solution provider.

Interested? Want to learn more about our Android rental?

Finding out more about our range of Android and data capture solution rental is easy, simply give us a call. You can do so by using the telephone number provided on-site, where you will be able to get through to one of our Android hire specialist who will be able to both answer any questions you may have as well as to provide you with a quotation on your upcoming activity.

Alternatively, and should you prefer, you can also get in contact with us by way of email, or by using the contact form provided onsite. We look forward to hearing from you and working to provide you with Android rental for your next campaign.

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