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Welcome to HandMedia, one of London’s leading mobile development agency. Here at HandMedia, we specialise in providing both iOS and Android app developers to design, develop and deliver your mobile applications.

We have one of the more experienced in-house Android app development teams in the UK, with our iOS and Android app developers having worked on all manner of projects for numerous nationally recognised brands including the likes of Jack Daniels, Cadbury and Lanson Champagne, to name but a few.

Whatever your application, we have the team to build it. Our Android app developers have undertaken simple and complex applications in the past, giving them all of the experience and know-how needed to realise your idea for an app.

Why should you develop your app for Android?

Android is on more handsets than iOS, making it the leading smart phone operating system presently on the market and continues to increase its market share daily. This for most is reason enough to consider developing or redeveloping your iOS applications for Android.

As well as market share, there are also a number of other good reasons why you should consider Android for your applications, some of which we have given below:

  • Android is open source. This means no developer fees or lengthy review process when publishing your new app
  • Support for developers is better with Android than with iOS, with there being more development tools available to Android developers, working to reduce the development cycle of apps built for Android.
  • Unlike iOS, all publishers on Android are born equal. This means that there is no restriction or limitation on features and functionality, giving all developers access to everything, regardless of who they are.

What makes our Android app developers different?

At HandMedia we understand the impact a mobile application can have on a business if its Android applications are buggy, low on features and developed merely for the sake of having an app, rather than to add real value to your business and its customers.

We, unlike many other Android app developers out there, will never outsource the build of your application overseas. Everything we build is built in-house, utilising the experience of our internal team of Android app developers, giving you both more control over the development of your project as well as a higher standard and quality in its finish than you would get with other Android development agencies.

Another point of difference between our Android application developers and those of other agencies is their ability to say yes. If you’ve ever worked with developers on any project, you’ll be aware that more often than not, if it is beyond the abilities of a developer that they will most likely say “no” or that the changes you want are “not possible”. This is something you will not experience with us, as we will always work tirelessly to provide you with the Android application you want.

Like what you see and want to learn more about our Android development solutions?

If you would like to find out more about us, our Android app developers and the projects they have worked on in the past, please get in touch. You can reach us in a number of ways; by phone, email or via the contact form provided on our website. Our customer representative team will respond to your enquiry as quickly as they can, aiming to contact you within 24 hours of your initial enquiry being made.

Alternatively, should you wish to contact us for any other reason, please do not hesitate to use the same methods as above to do so, details of which are available from the contact us section of our website.

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