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StarFinder: First Google Glass Game Preview Released

Posted on May, 22, 2013 under category 'Gamification'

A preview of the first official game that will be released for Google’s eagerly anticipated Google Glass product has been released, giving tech lovers an early glimpse into what they can expect when the product reaches market, expected sometime late this, or early next year.

The game, which is basically a gamification of Google’s Sky app, challenges users to identify stars and constellations within a time limit, competing in a leader board with other users from around the world. Previewed...

First Global Gamification Championship to Take Place Later This Year

Posted on May, 22, 2013 under category 'Gamification'

Australian John Persico, the man behind the Financial Modeling and Big Data Analytics World Championships, has announced the launch of the first Global Gamification Championship to take place this year.

The championships will test competitors on a range of gamification competencies, focusing on best practices, innovation and abilitiy, working to provide a non-profit organisation with an application to help them in their promotions.

Due to begin in September this year, with the first of 3 rounds, the championships will finish with...

Gamification increases user engagement by a third new study reveals

Posted on May, 06, 2013 under category 'Gamification'

If you’re looking to ramp up user actions and engagement for your web and mobile applications then gamification is the way to go, according to a new study by Gigya that looked at how users interacted with partners including Pepsi, Dell and Nike.

The study found that not only did gamification increase user interactions on their partners websites by some 29%, but also user comments by 13%, social shares on sites like Facebook and Twitter by 22% and content discovery by a whopping 68%....

Chrome Maze: Google’s Gone And Gamified The Entire Web!

Posted on May, 03, 2013 under category 'Gamification'

Chrome Experiments is where Google showcase the latest and greatest in web technologies, what they can achieve, and how they work within their browser. One new experiment from the boys over at Google Japan has aimed high, gamifying the entire web into a 3D maze that can be controlled with the accelerometer on your smart phone.

The experiment, named the World Wide Maze, works by allows users to first search the web to find a site and then turns that...

Taking Payments Through Your Tablet or Smartphone

Posted on January, 11, 2013 under category 'Technology'

Whilst on holiday in the US early last year, I came across a device called Square Up and was amazed at the technology and how we could use it in field marketing. The device itself was tiny and plugged into the headphone jack of an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone, then you just needed to download the app, sign up for an account and you could swipe the card and take payments directly through your device. The app itself...

Why Field Marketing Should Go Paperless!

Posted on December, 11, 2012 under category 'Field Marketing'

Field marketing has seen many changes over the last few decades, come about because brands try to out-do each other with more creative ways of reaching target audiences. Technology has also played a massive part in advancing the way in which field marketing is conducted. In particular we are going to talk about consumer surveys and data collection. In the good 'ole' days this used to be done with the traditional tools, clipboard, paper and pen. The data would then...

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